Find Your Groove

I met with a client at 7:30 AM last week and he told me he likes to get going early in the morning. While there are several reasons, his primary one is that he doesn’t have time to watch the news, which is always a downer.

I liked his thinking until we started discussing his work in sales and he began explaining to me that he couldn’t hit his sales numbers because of (fill in the blank), “software not working properly,” “leads not returning calls,” “colleagues not feeding him prospects…” and the list went on.

I refocused him on the strategy we laid out previously and discussed the small steps he could take this week to refocus his energy, but at every turn he reverted to his negative thinking.

I finally suggested to him that he probably should consider watching the news so that he could see that eventually criminals get caught, fires are put out, and good triumphs over evil (at least in the last 5 minutes of the newscast.)

Find the good things that are going on for you, no matter how small. It may be the client who thanked you for bringing them a good idea or a colleague who hit their monthly target because of a referral you sent them. You’ve got everything you need inside to stay positive. After all, success is what you are built to do.

New Offering:

At the request of many clients, I will be offering new Advisory and Professional Coaching services. While my usual work is through corporations, this will provide you and opportunity to work with me directly. You may be needing to “refire your career” or start your new entrepreneurial business. Perhaps you need a new strategy for moving up in your organization. I’m offering three kinds of programs and you can sign up for them on my site.

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