Advisory and Professional Coaching Services

Executive, Advisory and Personal Coaching Program

My 1:1 coaching experience help you achieve more of your personal and professional goals than you imagined. Whether your focus is on your career, your job, or your personal and family life.

This coaching program is offered as a retail program to individuals as opposed to my typical corporate program. You get many of the similar services that I offer to my Fortune 500 clients but at a significant savings.

In my over 20 years of coaching and having worked with thousands of professionals and individuals, I can state that there are 5 key benefits that you will obtain from the experience of working with me:

  1. Clarity of Purpose
  2. Improved Confidence
  3. Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness in Your Work
  4. The Results You Want and Deserve
  5. New Possibilities for Yourself and Your Organization

Here are a few testimonials from clients I’ve worked with in the past:

My move to Europe has been completely successful. From the professional side, I have enjoyed every minute of my new role so far even if it gave me already many opportunities to apply some of the elements of the work we did together.I need to tell you that the on-boarding plan that we worked on together during our last 2-3 in the States has been a powerful tool. It helped me to get up to speed in my new role, with my new colleagues, bosses and with the markets much faster than expected.It was even recognized during my 2016 Year-End performance review

Senior Leader in Fortune 500 firm

And another

Thank you so much for our terrific coaching sessions. Our discussions have really helped me focus my energy. You may hear this all the time — and I hope you never tire of it — you have a gift and I am grateful for your insight and guidance. When I look at the moments in life where I had the opportunity for an intervention that would prove to be important — I suspect this will be one of them.

Health Care Professional


I am offering 6 programs to help you create the work and life you are looking to obtain:

  • C-Suite Coaching: You are a senior leader who is challenged with being at the top of your organization with few people to talk with about the issues that are critically important for your success and the success of the organization. You need a trusted advisor who can provide an objective perspective on success.
  • Executive Coaching: You are a seasoned professional or an up and comer. You’ve made good progress but are not getting the kinds of opportunities you think you should get. You may need to improve your executive presence, learn some new leadership skills, be a better influencer or learn how to build a network of evangelists to support your efforts.
  • Solo or small group consultant: You are out there on your own and you are looking for strategies to be successful. I’ve built a highly successful consulting practice and can help you build one as well. I understand the challenges that face people who have to earn and deliver high quality business every day.
  • Entrepreneur: I’ve started several businesses and helped others nurture their dreams. You possess the grit and passion to make a success of your work but may lack the consistency or business savvy to know how to turn it to success. We can work together to make sure you are focused in the right directions and have the right people advising and working with you
  • “Refirement” Career Coaching: You may be at the beginning, middle or end of your career and are looking for the next path to success. Navigating these waters can be tricky and my experience in helping you find the right path to your work success creates a satisfying and rewarding journey.
  • Life Coaching: As a licensed counseling and organizational psychologist, I cut my teeth on helping people find success in their lives.  You might find you are not making the kind of progress in your life that you are expecting to make and need some guidance to get yourself on track.

My 1:1 coaching program offers a variety of options for you to choose that meet your time and financials capabilities:

Telephonic:  This program offers 3 months of coaching where you will have unlimited access to me by phone, email and messaging.  We will meet in person at the beginning and end of our coaching (one hour sessions) where we will set and then review our objectives that we establish to help you achieve your goals. During our work together, I will review materials that you want to share and I will provide you with unique activities to help you accelerate your growth towards achieving your goals.


Personalized: This coaching program is 4 months long and includes 4 face-to-face visits and unlimited access to me via phone, email and messaging. This program is designed for people who want to focus on significant changes and provides a more structured approach to their coaching.  For example, executive-coaching services may include some leadership assessments, and our comprehensive strengths based, competency focused model of leadership development. For career coaching, we’ll walk through the 3 phases of an effective career transition.


Immersion: For those who want to jump start their life change, the total immersion program is for you. It is 6 months in length and we begin this program by spending a day together focusing on who you are and what you need to succeed. You’ll come away with a plan of action.  We’ll talk by phone or in person going forward and we will repeat that intensive day towards the end of our work together.  We will work on everything from your career and work goals to what it is that brings you happiness. You are free to bring your spouse, partner or significant other with you to the day. We’ll share some meals and have downtime to get better acquainted.


General Information:

  • All face-to-face meetings are arranged by mutual agreement as to schedules and can be held on weekdays or weekends. Cost of travel is on the coachee but all meals while in town are on me.
  • Telephonic appointments are ideally scheduled in advance. I will push you to commit to a regular schedule, as the number one factor for success is to create a consistency in our work together.
  • I am a licensed psychologist and am a specialist in both counseling and organizational psychology. I also hold an MBA and have 14 years of experience in senior leadership in the corporate world, so I know my way around just about any issue you have.
  • All fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable

I would like to talk to you about your interest in coaching before you sign up and you can reach out to me at