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Sheila and I were at a dinner party over the weekend with some friends including my favorite musician friend, Jett. Jett plays piano for our improv troupe and is a masterful singer whose range is from country to opera.

Jett runs a studio where she teaches the art of singing to aspiring artists and musical wannabees and then arranges concert events where her students get to sing live in front of an audience.

I’ve been the audience numerous times and have been thinking lately about taking some of her classes and working on my singing voice.

Unfortunately, that old message that we all heard from when we were kids (and adults) pops into my head after I’ve sung some choruses with others. It’s always said in a laughing manner but with the power of its implied intent.

“Don’t give up your day job.”

I’m not afraid of owning my artistic talents. After about 10 years of studying and participating in dance, I acknowledged myself as a dancer.

Not quite so with singing and even though I will sing with others, I would never think to call myself a singer. When I mentioned this to her the other night, she had a classic comment:

“Attitude is everything and sometimes it’s the only thing.”

At the same time Jett shared this thought, I looked over to the corner of the room where our host’s young child was enjoying her dinner and I thought to myself, “yep, attitude is everything.”

Your Challenge this week: Listen to negative thoughts you might have about something you think you can’t do. Check your attitude and see if turning that thought around frees you to consider a new path.

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