What is Your New Habit?

It take about 66 days to form a new habit and as we’ve been Covding for 7 months, we’ve all, no doubt, developed some new habits.

Perhaps you’ve developed some positive ones like being comfortable for your Zoom call by wearing your PJs all day. Maybe you’ve scheduled your team’s virtual happy hour to make sure that everyone stays connected socially. Hopefully you haven’t developed too many negative habits like working well into the evening or foregoing your workout routine because your gym has closed

Being intentional is an important part of our work that we describe in our Strategy Driven Leadership book and for me the focus on an intentional habit focus has been my work on mindfulness that has helped to sharpen my focus and relax my constantly thinking brain. Its become a bit of a daily routine for me now and its a habit that is helping me to stay mentally fit.

As it looks like we’ll be coviding for a while, what habit do you want to develop?

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