Tiny Habits

www.tinyhabits.com). Started by a Stanford psychologist named BJ Fogg. He is promoting the idea that by taking small steps and setting up certain cues, we can modify our habits to do more of the things we want to do. From a resilience point of view, improving our habits is critical since habits create efficiencies that create less stress in our lives and give us more time for joy. The experiment for the week is to identify 3 behaviors we want to improve and to be something we can do in 30 seconds. BJ’s prime example is that if you want to start flossing your teeth, just begin by flossing one tooth. The other critical factors is that you need a cue to help you remember the new behavior you want to do and then to be sure to brag about it after you are done (like in writing a blog post about it) My 3 behaviors are:
  1. When I sit down at my desk to begin my day, I will take 30 seconds to meditate and center myself in my chair.
  2. When I turn on my computer, I will take 30 seconds to write the title of a blog post or twitter feed that I would like to do that day
  3. When I take my dog Clancy out for his walk, I will focus on walking in a light manner (using the Alexander Technique) to help improve my alignment.
All worked out this morning and particularly interesting was that as I was getting ready to take Clancy out, I started to think about the Tiny Habits and was trying to remember what the 3rd habit I was going to attempt to do. Then it resonated in my head and Clancy and I headed out with our heads and snouts held high]]>

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