The Art of Relaxation

We’re on our summer holiday that includes a weeklong cruise along the Norwegian Fjords. Our first day, which was a “sea day” meant that we would be going from port to port without any stops and the only activities to engage in were those on the ship.

For me, that meant a day of ease.

I knew I was in the right place when the notice to hang on the door didn’t say “Do Not Disturb” but instead stated “Still Relaxing.”

For almost all of us, relaxation is a lost art. Our busy lives consume every waking hour which often means collapsing into bed, which is our body’s primary rest and recuperation period and a key to our resilience.. It usually takes getting away from everything to help us slow down and let go of whatever we are usually thinking of doing. There are some definite actions I’m committing to this week:

  • I have limited access to the Internet so I’m not checking messages or emails but once a day.
  • I’ve been spending time meeting new people and even found some new friends from Pittsburgh. Rediscovering conversation for its own sake.
  • Taking some naps
  • Making a conscious commitment to not doing any work…except writing my Resilient Wednesday.

I like to tell myself, “rest is part of the journey.” I’m rediscovering that lost art form this week. Now, its time for a nap.

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