Strike A Pose

Last Friday was International Women’s Day and I loved seeing all the social media posts of strong women. Like the “Fearless Girl” bronze statue that stands proudly at Bowling Green down in the Financial District of Wall Street, women from all over the world were expressing how they are standing up for their beliefs and actions.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s 2012 TED talk on “power posing” has garnered over 50 million views. Her message was simple. Our body language affects our thinking and by striking a mighty position we create a mental mindset of personal power that translates into how we think which then creates a loop of personal empowerment.

Cuddy’s work came under intense scrutiny due to other researcher’s being unable to replicate her study as well as questions about her statistical analysis, but in a new study released last year, her analysis of 55 other research pieces found a link between what she now call “postural feedback” and one’s personal feelings of power and control.

The debate continues however, but I always like to remember that the “single case study” is an acceptable form of scientific research, so try out your power poses and see whether they improve your confidence and more importantly, your effectiveness.

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