Stepping into the Breach

Ford Motor Company announced the acquisition of the 105 year old Michigan Central Railway station in the heart of downtown Detroit last month. The train depot and its 18 story office building were abandoned in 1988 and while undergoing some renovations it was far from being occupancy ready.

Ford plans to turn the building into their headquarters for autonomous vehicle development but more importantly they want it to be seen as their commitment to restoration of that dilapidated part of Detroit. Establishing it as a centerpiece for what will be a new automobile technology hub, they are hoping to attract young professionals committed to 21st century emerging industries.

The takeaway from Ford’s initiatives is that while difficult and even painful situations are thrust upon us, there are other times when we actively seek out challenges because we know there are hidden gems awaiting discovery just over the rainbow.

Even though many of us would shy away from thinking of ourselves as risk takers who look for opportunities that may have a significant downside, our own resilience almost always shows up to save the day and even more, win the battle. We can wish Ford and Detroit the best in their effort.

Consider an action this week where you can take on a challenge that no one asked you to do but that you know will benefit your company, your community and certainly yourself.

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