Risk and Resilience

One of the reasons we experience stress is due to the fear that we will not be able to manage a particular event. We get a call from our boss to come up to her office and we assume the worse. We check out the traffic report in the morning and find out that our preferred road is shut down due to an accident and we ruminate about our trip to work taking 2 hours.

Everything we do involves risk. Risk is traditionally defined as the probability and magnitude of a negative event occurring. We can’t control risk but we can work to be prepared for it, navigate it when it is occurring, and learn from it. Understanding the risk involved in daily life helps us build resilience to stress in our lives.

For the most part, true risk in our lives is low. Our well-being isn’t being threatened, our health isn’t compromised, our kids will still love us. Keeping a realistic perspective on risk is a resilience strategy that will help keep us on an even keel.

© Richard Citrin, 2014


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