Retooling Leadership Development: Our New Book

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal discussed a seismic shift in how people view their jobs. According to surveys completed by the Gallup Organization, the vast majority of workers now state that having a great life comes from having a great job. The article goes on to say that the best way to have a great job is to have a great boss who knows what she or he is doing. This leads, of course, to engaged employees who put discretionary energy into getting more done in the workplace.

Creating great managers is a theme of our new book, co-written with my good friend and colleague, Michael Couch. Just this past week, Mike and I signed a contract with Taylor and Francis to publish Retooling Leadership Development where we will be discussing how organizations can intentionally develop great leaders based on the specific needs and strategy of the organization. This will be a book for business leaders and practitioners so if you are a C-suite leader or business owner, work in talent or leadership development, or are a manager directing teams of people, this book will be for you and your organization.

We expect the book to be out later this year and we are planning some promotional opportunities such as getting advanced copies, conducting teleseminars, and podcasts and speaking in front of professional associations where we will be talking about the book, its ideas and how they will benefit your business. Stay in touch and if your organization is working on developing leaders, send us a note so that we can share our ideas with you.

Your Challenge this Week: Consider how you and your organization develop their leaders. Is it systematic and intentional and does it tie specifically to your business strategy so that their newly acquired skills are put to immediate use?

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