Oh that Sunny Side

In the late Hans Rosling’s book, Factfulness, he changes the way we think about the world and the progress that continues to be made every day. Rosling points out that despite what we may think, the truth is that world is becoming a significantly better place.

Over 80% of all children across the globe have been vaccinated against many diseases. Animals that were previously on the endangered species list like giant pandas and black rhinos are no longer critically endangered. His list goes on and you can take his Factfulness Quiz to see how knowledgeable you are about our world.

As I’ve written before, we tend to take the negative view of our world and life because of the negativity bias. Rosling identifies 10 perspectives that taint our viewpoint, some of which include (1) going along with the majority (2) Never expecting change to really happen and (3) expecting things to happen faster than they really do.

While Rosling’s book looks at the bigger picture of our world, the same kinds of thought and ideas often permeate our much smaller world. We don’t often see progress in our own growth and in the others around us. We may fail to see how incremental steps we are taking are advancing our mission and the mission of our organizations. We may not see the hope on the horizon because we are too caught up in the mistake from yesterday.

Your Challenge This Week: Consider some of the accomplishments you’ve made this year and how different you were from December 11, 2018. What has made the difference for you?

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