Just One of Those Days

This past weekend was beautiful here in Pittsburgh and I spent Sunday morning over at the golf course. I was excited about playing that day and really thought I would have a good round.

I was wrong. My golf game was horrible!

I couldn’t drive the ball off the tee very well. My iron shots to the green went left or right. My chips and pitches were short or long of their targets, and my putts were just not finding the hole.

Nothing was working and by the third hole I knew it would be a long day of golf agony.

It was about that time when I decided that it was just going to be one of those days and instead of worrying about my game, I would just enjoy the friendship of my golf buddies, take in the beautiful blue sky and green turf, and count my blessings that I could enjoy it at all.

I had a fun day and at the end of the round when we were assessing the day, my golf partner, Steve, told me that my golf game stunk but I won “the best attitude of the day honor” and he was presenting me with the “Mr. Congeniality Award!”

Sometimes things just do not go our way and while we should strive to improve it, our efforts may not yield the results we want. It’s okay to ride the current and not get swept under by our own efforts to fight it. Resilience teaches us that we want to survive to go at it on another day. As the author Barry Stevens writes, “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.”

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