Just Let It Go

I was in East Greenwich today visiting with my mentor Alan Weiss today when I checked my email to see that my flight home to Pittsburgh was delayed a couple of hours. When Alan and I finished up, I called US Airways to see about catching an earlier flight and they had a non-stop leaving earlier but making the drive back to Boston would be tight. I confirmed a later flight but jumped in my car and headed north intent on seeing if I could catch that earlier flight.

Driving on up, I kept looking at my smartphone GPS map and realized that there was no way I’d make it up there. Traffic was building and I would still need to stop off and get gas. About halfway up there, I gave up on the idea of the earlier flight and began thinking about how I’d spend a couple of hours in Terminal B.

Making that decision meant that everything else fell in place. I’d have a relaxing lunch, I could check out some of the latest magazines and could post this blog about how everything usually works out just as well in the end.

In our work and lives we often try to force things to happen and when we do so, we not only be messing up the natural order of how things are meant to be but usually cause ourselves extra angst and disappointment. What happens when we change our expectations to go with the natural flow. Don’t push the River, it flows by itself.

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