July 4th–Make More Comments and Be Heard

Most of us consider July 4th to be the half-way mark of the summer. After all, there are two big holidays down and one to go. We’ve honored our military, now our nation’s independence and next will be to honor all of us who work hard to make great things happen.

There’s been lots of debate this week about the role of the constitution in our lives these days. There is an active force of people who say the constitution is a static document designed to avoid having the majority try to change things to fit their pleasures while an equally impressive group say, “no, the constitution is a living breathing document that changes as we change”

While these debates become heated from time to time, everyone agrees that the best part is that we all have a voice and that our nation allows these conversations to go forward.

It reminds me that we should be active about what we say and think, not just around political debate but also around life and work discussions.  I’ve decided that I am going to do more than just click like or dislike on my Facebook page, but instead I’m going to make more comments so that others know my thought, ideas and beliefs.

July 4th happened because those brave men and women spoke their mind. We need to make sure we all do the same

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