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I am doing some consulting for a small business owner who is focused on growing his business in the next few years in anticipation of selling it and moving into retirement. He is wanting to maximize the value of his company and is lining up his business model so that he could sell the business to some of his current employees or an outside company.

This week he asked me if I would meet with he and his wife so that they could do some life planning for themselves and we agreed to spend an afternoon doing a little personal workshop for them, which I think will be great fun. In preparation, I decided I would interview each of them to find out what they wanted to achieve in our session, what would be the focus of our discussions and how they would know they got the kind of outcomes they were hoping to achieve from our get together.

After just a few minutes of talking with them, I realized that they have a perspective on “retirement” that is based on their parents model of life after 65 and while I would never besmirch the idea of morning walks to the beach, I also know that these guys are way to active and involved to lead that kind of restive life.  I think they know that about themselves yet I think they have an image base on certain biases and stereotypes that have them thinking that this is how it should play out.

The cool thing is that everyone is really redefining not only retirement, but all aspects of their life. I love the show Modern Family because it depicts a small corner of how different families are and how each of us create our own story lines and family histories.

While I’ll be meeting with these guys in a few weeks but in the meantime, consider how you want to create a work life model that will bring these aspects of your life together and not necessarily keep them apart.

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