Get Your Day Going

  • Don’t wait to create a to do list when you get to the office. Build one the night before and then you have it for the morning. It could include picking out the right clothes for your kindergartener or waking up a few minutes early to get in a 15 minute mini-run.
  • Put your cell phone and iPad anywhere but by your bed and avoid checking your email first thing.  You probably will not be reading that you won $10 million or that George Clooney or Sofia Vergara are madly in love with you and want to run off with you
  • Take a moment to notice what the day looks like. Opening up your bedroom drapes may reveal a bright red sunrise or setting morning moon, both of which may create an inspiring start to your day.
  • Eating a wholesome breakfast gets things going in the right way.  Breakfasts sometimes lack protein as they may focus on cereals and fruit, both of which are healthy but may not provide brain power for your AM. Like your other meals, make sure it is balanced.
  • Consider what is the most important thing you want to achieve today.  A friend of mine who is the CEO of her organization had a field trip to her daughter’s school last week to help with reading. That was her number 1 priority for that day
  • It’s standard fare to offer a “Good Day” wish to everyone we meet in the morning  but only we can actually make that happen. A few small steps before 8 AM can mean that at 8 PM we actually achieved it.]]>

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