Focused Capabilities

Not surprisingly, much of the stress we create each day is self-imposed and it may not be just the negative thoughts that ramble through our minds. Much of the daily angst we experience may be related to the inefficiencies we put in our own way.

In The Resilience Advantage we discuss the idea of “focused capabilities” and why it is important to develop skills in identifying and acting upon what is important for our success every day. Creating focused capabilities translates into efficiencies that allow us to not waste our valuable energy. A few of these include:

  • Success over perfection. Much of the time we strive for perfection when good enough is good enough. The return on investment for that last 10% of effort towards perfection does not usually return a significant value to warrant the effort.
  • Speed up decision-making. We are never going to have enough information to know everything with which to make a decision and it is better to act than think. Even if we make a mistake due to a lack of complete data, we can almost always make up for it.
  • Protecting the plan means that we can do examine any and all ways our ideas can get derailed and work to limit any downside danger.
  • Try out different meeting formats. No need to assume that a 60-minute meeting is necessary. Try one for 20 minutes and perhaps make it a walking meeting.
  • Our daily rhythm. There is a basic biological flow to how our day works and it usually breaks down to a cycle that lasts approximately 90 minutes. Look for ways to rest and reenergize using this time frame and you may find your focus is more attuned.

A focused day leaves us much more satisfied and pleased with what we’ve accomplished. It is always better to move a few things a mile than a lot of things an inch.

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