"Feelin' Groovy"

Engaged individuals, whether at work or play use discretionary energy to achieve success. They try harder.

Research done by the Gallup organization shows that only about 30% of all employees are engaged in their work and even more surprising only 35% of their managers are fully into their jobs.

A metric to improve engagement is to increase “subjective well-being (SWB)” which is feeling good about ourselves and our life situation. Factors such as health, having a sense of purpose, social relations and financial security all contribute to SWB.

Subject well-being builds immunity to difficult times. We are able to endure challenges with more energy and optimism if we feel we can conquer the world or at least sense that we are doing okay.

Take a moment to ask yourself “how am I doing?” The answer is probably pretty good. Build on that by recognizing the good things you do to take care of yourself and how that helps you stay focused and engaged in what you are doing this week. It may be about an additional push on a project or reaching out to a colleague to repair a wounded relationship. Take some of your discretionary energy and help make your world a little better.

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