Being Excellent

I ran into a couple of business colleagues a few weeks ago and while we were catching up we had a discussion of how excellence is related to resilience.

They told me that they enjoy video games and jokingly tell each other that they can either be great at doing their job or that they can be great at video gaming but not both. They concluded that being great at their job puts food on the table and so that was that.

While no one would disagree that going for excellence at work is going to lead to a better financial outcome as well as other positive outcomes, I’m not sure being excellent at video gaming and your job are mutually exclusive. Excellence is excellence and the more we demonstrate the effort and concentration associated with doing something well, the better we will be in all facets of our lives.

Additionally, the distraction achieved by engaging in play that is heartfelt and rewarding, the easier it is to return to more challenging activities that require greater concentration and effort.

Whether it is video games, walking your dog, playing squash or cooking, approaching your hobbies full out and with a mindset of engagement and excellence will yield worthy results. Excellence is not a skill, it is a way of thinking.

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