Art is Our Middle Name

This past weekend I performed with our improvisational theater group, Wing and A Prayer Players at an art exhibit focused on “Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health.” We had an amazing audience who participated with us responding with their their ideas, thoughts and feelings as we danced, sang, and told stories related to the art work in the gallery.

At the end of the program, people used words like “enlightened,” “refreshed” and “alive” to describe how they were feeling after our performance.

Art does that for us. It provides new perspectives on old ideas. It encourages a sharing of our deepest feelings and it renews our faith and spirit in the beauty of the world. There may be nothing better to build and connect to our resilience than to bring more art into your life. Whether it is a show on Saturday night, a quick visit to an art gallery during your work day or joining in on some car karaoke. Art is definitely the pause that refreshes.

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