His clients have realized over $1B million in value in the form of increased revenues, retention of key employees, mitigation of costly leadership errors, enhanced team and workplace performance garnered through expert facilitation, crucial conversations and a focus on building resilience.

His work significantly impacts leader performance by focusing on practical, skill based actions that leaders can take in real time to affect critical business challenges. His unique focus in leadership influence drives leaders to change their behaviors and actions so that they, their teams and colleagues are aligned on corporate strategy and tactics.

His  clients include financial institutions, global manufacturing companies, , engineering and architecture firms, education, technology and startups, family, small and mid-size enterprises and non-profits

Specific Client Results Include

  • 20% increase in revenues through improved cultural coordination among leadership team members to improve sales and marketing skills.
  • $10m change management initiative team facilitation sessions redirected team focus on project management instead of internal political bickering.
  • 50% reduction in reported workplace stress through implementation of personal and organizational resilience training and coaching of leaders.
  • 6-month reduction of implementation time through improved collaboration of intact and cross-functional teams with improved communication, better decision making and clarity of purpose.
  • $20m in corporate savings identified in leadership cohort programs which created and implemented targeted cost saving projects. 
  • $250m merger and acquisition successfully supported through the ongoing coaching of the CFO and other senior leaders.

Richard’s newest book co-authored with Michael Couch is entitled, Strategy Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leadership. It will be released in early 2020. His previous book, The Resilience Advantage, co-authored with Alan Weiss is changing the way organizations and individuals approach stress in the workplace. 

Richard is the author of three books,

  • Strategy Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders, which provides a step-by-step playbook or people and organizations to better understand how to make great leaders .
  • The Resilience Advantage which is changing  the way businesses and individuals address workplace and personal stress.
  • How to Get A Job in (Name Your Town) which covered 15 major metropolitan regions identifying best strategies for career success.

Richard’s career includes:

  • The successful growth and sale of one of the country’s largest behavioral health clinical and consulting organizations.
  • Providing leadership for the successful turnaround and sale of the company who acquired his original business to Humana Healthcare.
  • Joining a new leadership team at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Insurance Services Division and helping to double their revenues in 5 years.
  • Creating his own successful consulting practice focused on leadership, coaching and business advisory services
  • Holding a Ph.D. in psychology along with an MBA with a technology focus.