A Nice Trip to the Doctor’s Office

I’ve been ill the past 10 days as a carryover from my holiday vacation in Colorado. Came down with a nasty cold from grandson Ethan who is such a sweetie that I know he had no intention of infecting me or his father or his cousin Jody.

Sore throat, hacking cough, fatigue, and runny nose. I’ve had to run two clothes washer loads of handkerchiefs to try to keep up with the production of mucus. Thankfully, however, I knew it was just a cold and not the dreaded flu. After all, I’d gotten a flu shot.

But when I felt like I took a turn for the worse yesterday, I decided that maybe I should go see my doctor office for a quick consult and maybe a different magic pill to manage the symptoms. Fran Solano heads up the office, but I only usually see him once a year for my physical exam

I called his  office on the way home from a client,  and I  was pleased that Doctor Andrew could see me at 1:40. This office keeps appointments available for drop ins and I like the ease of scheduling. I headed over and just had to wait a few minutes following the perfunctory document review before the nurse came out and announced my name “RICHARD” she screamed to which I responded “HERE” and we headed back. For some reasons, doctors office insist on yelling out people’s names to get them back to the examining rooms.

Dr. Andy was great. Asked good questions, ruled out some more serious problems, discussed medication options, talked about his own perspective on colds (just let them run their course–no need for any meds). But being sick of coughing, I wanted to try something so he even prescribed a $2.00 generic that has already made a big improvement in my condition.

Heading out, they asked me one final question that makes them a great practice…”Can we validate your parking ticket”?

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