The Resilience Advantage: Find Your Own Chief Resilience Officer

Resilience is a new way to think about how we use stress to become stronger and resilient in the face of adversity and I recently read how the Rockefeller Foundation is going to award $100 million to a number of cities who will appoint a Chief Resilient Officer to help their local communities to prepare for and recover from catastrophic events. The goal is to make cities more  resilient to disastrous events and to help equalize how communities respond so that all residents get the help they need. Additionally by having that focus, residents will begin to see that their own self management of disasters plays an important role in managing these crises. ,

For the Foundation, the idea that someone in the community can be responsible for resilience makes sense as governments and non-government organizations (NGOs)  work to empower individuals to recognize how we all must make sure we are prepared fro and ready to deal with crises.

The reality, at least for me, is that all of us are already prepared for crises situations and usually deal with them pretty effectively, at least as it plays out for ourselves and our families. Medical emergency–off to the doctor or ER—Family financial crises—we cut back on spending and maybe get a second job—Kid failing in school–Get tutoring or spend more time studying and less time on varsity football.

For individuals, having the authority to make decision means that we can take the actions we need in the face of adversity and insure that we bounce forward from the challenge.

Chief Resilience Officer for Cities…maybe a good idea. Chief Resilience Officer for our family…Position already filled!

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