Your 2015 Resilience Plan

The New Year holiday represents an opportunity to consider how you want to shape 2015 for yourself.

Over the next 4 Resilient Wednesday’s, I would like to discuss some small ideas to build your resilience in 2015:

  • Week 1: Building Personal Resilience
  • Week 2: Building Business Resilience
  • Week 3: Building Family Resilience
  • Week 4: Building Community Resilience

Personal Resilience

  1. Don’t make any resolutions: Research shows that resolutions fail. Instead identify some new habits you want to develop and work on them for 30 days. Track yourself for accountability and then give yourself a reward.
  2. Get more sleep: Try a sleep track app like SleepBot that will help you assess the quality of your sleep. There is no better idea for improving your energy than getting better sleep.
  3. Decrease your exercise: The newest research is saying that you don’t have to exercise intensely for an hour. As little as 10 minutes multiple times a day can be great. Instead of continuing to do the same machines, meet with a fitness coach and get a new routine.
  4. Build some mindfulness into your day: Download a mindfulness app like Headspace or The Mindfulness App and begin your meditation practice. Mindfulness will be big in 2015 and you want to make sure you get on the cool side early.
  5. Pay It Forward: Research has shown that we feel better when we do nice things for others. I’ve committed to write more personal letters to friends and colleagues this year thanking them or recognizing their good work. I’m enjoying rediscovering letter writing and my buds like being acknowledged.

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2 thoughts on “Your 2015 Resilience Plan

  1. Richard, I took a lot out of your Resilient Wednesday today. Specifically, I will not create resolutions, but instead focus on habits I want to develop. I really like this idea and believe it will pay dividends.
    Thank you, Richard. Your posts are always filled with helpful and practical information.

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