Writing Resilient Wednesdays

I’ve been writing consistently for ten years and in my current iteration, Absolute Citrin, my Resilient Wednesdays and regular blog posts appear. I’m proud of my writing improvement over those years. After a few years of reading my blog, one colleague told me that she was so pleased that “I found my voice.”
Recently I purchased the app “Grammarly” at the suggestion of a friend, and it has helped me clean up my writing. I obviously did not pay attention to my 4th grade teacher when she tried to teach me how to diagram sentences
One of the items I love about Grammarly is that they send me a summary of my writing every couple of weeks. Here are some of the highlights and lowlights
*Twenty-one-week writing streak
*More productive than 82% of Grammarly users
*More accurate in my writing that 53% of users (not that great)
*Use more unique words than 87% of Grammarly users
*Have checked (get this) 882,487 words since February 2022
*My biggest mistakes include using the passive voice, missing commas, and dangling modifiers.
…oh those dangling modifiers!

Grammarly reviewed this post and told me that it sounded friendly as well as correcting a dangling modifer. They also tacked on a “good job” to its comments.

PS. This is not an advertisement for you to go and get Grammarly and I have no affiliate program with them. I wanted to share with you my progress in writing and I hope you can find your voice as well!

Thanks, Grammarly

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