What's Next?

Two events happened last week that got me thinking about how success breeds success.

For the past year or so a colleague and I have co-facilitated a CEO cohort group. The group meets to address common issues and concerns they face in their industries. They share best practices, problem solve issues, and support each other as they discuss their greatest challenges. They like and respect each other as well, of course.

In our last session it seemed as if the trust had reached a point where the group was ready to take on something new. They began discussing how they could pool their collective energies to address an issue every company faces. Someone referred to it as a “Grand Challenge” and suggested that their success on this effort would make a meaningful difference to their organizations, their employees, their stakeholders, and the larger community.

The second event that happened last week, of much smaller import is that Resilient Wednesday celebrated its 4th year of publication. My 208th issue went out recently and I’m asking myself, “what’s next?” I love talking with organizations and individuals about resilience and my success in helping people master the complexity of the workplace has me thinking about how we can do it better

I like challenging myself. A few weeks ago I added a professional and advisory coaching service for individuals and have already started working with several new clients.

Adding a new angle on Resilient Wednesday’s looks like it is in the cards as well.

Consider this week how your successes create new opportunities. What is it that is right in front of you, daring you to take it on?

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  1. Four Years! Congratulations, Rich, and thank you for walking the walk. Living your philosophy of resilience, all overlaid with a genuine love for life. Well done, sir. Well done.

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