What’s In It For Me?

Now that January is past, we can go back to those cool goals you set for yourself for 2020.

One of my goals was to continue to share ideas from our new book (written with Michael Couch), Strategy Driven Leadership about how organizations and leaders can grow and prosper.

One of the keys that we ask our readers to consider is how making a change will benefit them. It’s the old “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) question that must be asked and answered in order for someone to take on a new challenge. It’s not enough for a leader to say, “this is important for me to learn only because it will  help the business,” because behind every business decision lies a personal decision.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this process will be when the leader is able to “own the skill” and see where she or he is able to apply it in a real-life situation where it increases their effectiveness at work or at home.

For example, one of our clients felt he was not running meetings as effectively as he could given that his team did not seem fully engaged. Improving their meeting process with agendas, scribes, and timekeepers ensured their work was done efficiently. Not only did that help the team but it also gave him more time to get other work done and even get home sooner at the end of the day.

Your Challenge This Week: Take a look at your 2020 goals and see if you’ve made some progress. Consider the personal gains you’ll garner from putting these into play for yourself

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