Two National Days of Independence

We’re in Canada this week with our family traveling between Montreal and Quebec City.

Canada and the US celebrate independence during this first week of July with our Northern neighbors commemorating the formation of the Dominion of Canada. In 1867, the British colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada (eventually Ontario and Quebec) came together as a “kingdom in its own right.” Full independence occurred some 60 years later. Given the British lost their US colonies 90 years earlier, it was probably not a particularly good time for the United Kingdom.

Traveling about with our family, we can easily see the similarities between our two nations (even in this French favoring Province of Quebec.) People look at us in the eyes as we walk down the street. A smile welcomes us when we enter a store or restaurant. People are helpful.

We’ll be celebrating 2 independence days this week and I will plan to take a few minutes to appreciate what independence has provided to all of us. I hope you have time with your family and if you get a chance, give a shout out to one of your Canadian friends.

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