The Sling Shot

An exercise I did during a Resilience Advantage presentation at the Million Dollar Consulting® Conference in Boston last week led to an observation by the audience that they generally just don’t bounce back from adversity or even bounce forward but that for many of them, the change had a sling-shot effect propelling them out of trouble and into something exponentially better.

Our discussion was around their careers and they found that when they had a downturn (loss of job, failed success on a project, or working for the wrong company) that negative situation focused their energy, motivated their intentions, and gave them a quick kick in their butt for action.

As we discussed the successes they had in their careers, the participants began to see that the negative thoughts they created basically knocked themselves down and left them believing that they were destined to fail. By focusing on the successes, they found that their own productivity as well improved significantly. It was all about changing perspectives and mindsets to see how resilience turns losses and failures into wins.

Your assignment this week in strengthening your resilience is to talk with your team about how they’ve all overcome adversities and challenges in their work. How did their failures and missed opportunities create even greater success down the road?

Make sure you apply this to your own thinking and lets turn those negatives into positives.

If your team or organization does not see how to do that, call me!

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  1. Love the reminder about how the pace of change is never constant, and how sharing personal experiences about this Truth can be a powerful team builder.

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