The Resilients

While it may sound like a women’s rock band, marketing strategist and resilience researcher, Chad Hinkle has coined the term “Resilients” to describe people who have overcome significant life challenges and as a result have, perhaps, rewired their brain to see the world in a different way.

I had the opportunity to talk to Chad this week about his study of hundreds of Resilients and noted how their success over adversity had granted them a unique sense of self awareness, emotional intelligence, agility and flexibility, and an understanding of how past events and potential future events have and can impact their lives.

In his work with companies, Chad finds that the Resilients bring a unique perspective to marketing conversations. Overcoming great personal challenges gives them a level of insight and perspective about what is cogent to the marketer’s needs that others may not see. It seems as if being resilient gives one another level of understanding about the world.

All of us are Resilients at one level or another. How have your life challenges changed you and what insights can you share with others? We’re planning a new podcast that will highlight ideas about how we all can build our resilience. Please let us know about your interest, we’d love to hear your story.

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  1. came across this article and webinar for academics, meant to share
    Dr. Greg Eells: Foster Resilience & Cope With Entitled Students & Parents

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