The Resilience Advantage is Available!

I’m excited to announce that The Resilience Advantage will be officially released next week and is available for ordering in print and e-version on Amazon as well as through my web site.

The Resilience Advantage discusses why our current approach to dealing with stress, adversity and challenges is outdated and ineffective and why resilience provides us with a new way to see the events in our lives as opportunities for new understandings and growth for our families, our workplace and ourselves.

You’ll find many great ideas that you can put into play immediately such as:

  • How to hit the pause button so that you don’t lose it when a stressful event is happening to you in real time.
  • How to find balance and agility in your workplace.
  • The 3 big ways that you can make sure that you can be resilient to any kind of stress.
  • The 7 hyper-traits that will allow you to focus on building a positive bias in all you do.
  • How you can use your brain’s “all or nothing” capacity to gain better focus.

You can help me launch The Resilience Advantage by joining my Thunderclap campaign that will be getting the word out to tens of thousands of Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets by clicking here. Thanks!

In the meantime, check out my cool new book trailer that will give you some more information on The Resilience Advantage.

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