The Oracle Spoke

Warren Buffet held his 52nd annual shareholder meeting in Omaha this past weekend and in his usual folksy style unwittingly spoke to what may be one of the leading causes of stress in the workplace—over complication.

Buffet pointed out that only 25 people work at Berkshire’s corporate headquarters and that they don’t use committees to get things done and power point presentations are viewed as “make work” activities. Even in planning the annual meeting that gathered over 40,000 people, one employee was given the responsibility for organizing the entire program that probably included selling “Warren Bobble Heads.” In most companies, he said, there would be an entire department dedicated to event planning.

The “transform stress” model we present in The Resilience Advantage discusses the incredible value that is achieved by planning ways to avoid or mitigate stressful times before they occur. Buffet must have read the book…or at least suggested a chapter idea along the way.

By the way, book sales are going well and if you are interested in your own copy you can pick it up on Amazon.

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