The Little Secret That No One Wants to Admit

Everyone feels overwhelmed and when I meet with teams and leaders I have to admit to them that their perception is correct. They are overwhelmed and if something is not done about it, the next step is burnout or worse.

While much of the blame has to do with the volume of work that we all are managing, there is another little secret that its time to begin discussing.

Much of the cause may be self-inflicted.

We are conflicted between our desire to stay focused on our world and how we can influence it and the bigger world (the global stage) and how we want to be a part of it.

A few weeks ago I posted a video from a TV interview where I was discussing The Resilience Advantage on my LinkedIn Page. When I checked back on my analytics a few days later that saw that I had close to 4000 views including large number of folks from Australia who connected with me through a fellow consultant. I was pretty excited and it got me thinking about how I could do more of that.

Of course, that kind of initiative is not on my 2017 work plan and while I may choose to build it into 2018, that would mean that something else would have to drop off or I’d have to put in a few more hours per week to go media.

We make choices every day about how we spend our time and in my resilience model I suggest that we focus on our energy management instead of time management. Finding the right connection between our wanting to be connected to the larger world and our smaller world at the same time may not mitigate the speed at which we feel we are moving, but it will certainly allow us to create a mindset that makes our decisions more honest.

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