The Laws of Attraction, Referrals and Tasty Lemonade

[/caption] I asked. “Just get one” he said, “you won’t be sorry”. Without his realizing it, he was demonstrating a second important law of doing business. Referrals are one of the best ways to build business and his recommendation kept hanging onto me until I had no option except to find out about it. I asked Alan about Del’s and he told me that they were icy lemonade concoction and are located all over Rhode Island. This family business has been around for a long time and the founder’s family goes back to Italy where the drink was first started.  You get a Del’s  from trucks parked along the road or from Del’s stands that are opened in the summer. Del’s trucks just park anywhere they want, and folks like us seek them out (law of attraction). After lunch yesterday, we went off in search of Del’s and it only took a couple of minutes before we found one of those trucks and pulled off the road to load up on the icy treat. My first spoonful told me this was something different when I noticed little bits of lemons mixed in to the sweet and tart mixture.  It was the perfect refresher to a warm summer afternoon.Del’s been true to their family history and recipe for over 160 years and that history has attracted a loyal following that brings new customers to their trucks every day. [caption id="attachment_728" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Ahhhhhhh"][/caption] Like Del’s, focus on what you do best. Referrals will come your way and so will customers.]]>

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