The Great Renewal

The War for Talent is over. Talent has won!

People are mislabeling this victory for talent as The Great Resignation as if to suggest that people are quitting and hanging it up. Far from it, today’s workers are seeking new opportunities and challenges. Perhaps better to call it The Great Renewal

No doubt, the challenges of Covid-19 from remote working, to burnout, to managers who understandably had no idea how to support workers, contributed to people thinking about the meaning of their lives and work. One study suggested that close to 50% of employees are thinking about changing careers, not just jobs that people might do every 4-5 years but making wholesale shifts into new lines of work which people may only do 2-3 times in their life.  This is a natural expectation for a workforce confident of sustaining a balanced lifestyle and desiring the opportunity to find meaning in their life.

I’ve been in a similar mindset recently, recognizing that I’ve made major career changes every 10 years during my work life.  I’ve been doing most of my leadership and resilience from a coaching model for the past 10 years and am now wondering what new work adventures, I can cook up for myself.

I know that it can be a challenging activity since at one level it involves unmooring from who I am and what I do but on the other side it provides an opportunity for dreaming and exploring and experimenting to discover what may bring new joys and satisfactions.

Of course, all my readers are of the highest talent, with choices galore, so I’m wondering what you are doing during this time of renewal. Please send me a note and let me know what you are dreaming about and are ready to act upon.

© Richard Citrin 2021

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