The Five Kinds of Fitness

I was laid out on my sofa last weekend and found myself drifting off for a little nap. In a bit of time I awoke and felt nicely refreshed. I thanked myself for that quick little workout and got on about my business.

Most of us think of workouts as going to the gym, getting on the treadmill, setting a 10 degree incline and finding the right pace to get our heart rate elevated. We might also work out with weights, take a Zumba class, and schedule ourselves in for a yoga session.

All these and a few others fit into the five categories of fitness that we want to shoot for to obtain an overall fitness level and which builds our physical and mental resilience. They are:

  1. Cardio—Getting our heart rate in order to strengthen our heart muscle.
  2. Strength—Building muscle strength and increasing overall energy.
  3. Endurance—Our capacity to sustain activity over a period of time.
  4. Flexibility and Body Awareness—Expressing a full range of movement and having an awareness of how our bodies move in space.
  5. Relaxation—Being able to turn all this off and allowing our mind and bodies to let go.

Fitness is an essential part of resilience and appreciating your efforts at all 5 of these provide a great balance to your routine. No need to feel guilty about that nap. You are building your resilience and fitness.

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