The Disney Layoffs

As The Walt Disney Company, Zoom, and Philips announced layoffs, leaders’ heads are spinning in knowing the right way to address employee concerns. I was talking to one of them in Asia this morning, and we devised three good strategies. First, stay within the bounds of what is known, and don’t go beyond your current information. Second, there is a shifting perspective now with your team on how they feel about the “Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting.” As a leader, you want to observe how people respond and note those who are more engaged, as they will become your best performers during the company’s new alignment. Third, conduct skip-level meetings to evaluate the tenor of your team and those who jump into the opportunity vs those who freeze. This is a moment of increased stress in what is a challenging decade. Focusing on resilience, strategic thinking, and strong communication will help you and them grow with these opportunities.

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