The City of Bridges…Shut Down

Bridge…oops I thought, I probably should go down Highland Ave…backed up there too…Negley…even worse. All my New York City driving strategies were falling apart. Finally catching a traffic report on the radio, I heard that my first 2 options for getting home (Highland Park Bridge and 62nd Street Bridge) would both fail due to traffic jams and closed roads. Option 3 led me upriver to Oakmont through Homewood, Lincoln Larimore and Verona for a 2 hour journey through Pittsburgh beautiful hills. I came to grips quickly with the reality that this would be a long drive home and settled into enjoying the drive and using the trip home to explore new neighborhoods and catch up on some podcasts and All Things Considered. This trip was not my first choice but when faced with an adverse situation, I’ve decided to just go with the flow and enjoy the scenery as best I can. When faced with adversity, we have lots of options to choose from and its not unusual to get agitated and upset about not having the world be exactly like we’d like it to be. Sometimes we might think its unlucky Karma, or bad timing. In some situations we may even blame ourselves for not finishing up sooner and getting on the road earlier. Although a traffic jam is almost always a small inconvenience in our lives these almost always create some angst and or worse for some people. How do you deal with these small challenges to keep from getting yourself up in a tizzy?]]>

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