The Career Success Formula

Strategy Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders, I shared with you our “Career Success Formula.” In short, your career success is made up of all your Key Developmental Experiences (KDE’s), such as rolling out a new product and  where you learned the essential skills or  ]“Key Leadership Competencies” (KLC’s) that were needed to complete the job, such as getting everyone on board and behind the new product. Learning from the experiences is enhanced by regular reflection (Rfn) and feedback (Fdk), where you consider your learning and get information about how you are doing from others. For example, we have our organizational leaders keep a leadership log  of what they are learning during their key work experiences so that they can evaluate themselves and gain feedback from others. Finally, the benefits of the learning experience are heightened by an individual’s ability to learn from experience and apply the learning in new situations (Learning Agility, LA). We call Learning Agility the “New Growth Hormone,” and is about people’s willingness and ability to learn from all kinds of experiences and to put those learnings into action in different situations. In my research, I’ve not seen any formulas for career success and obviously there is a lot more behind this formula, which we detail in the book, but for now know that success in your career can be enhanced and achieved by being intentional and actionable]]>

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