The Art of Thanksgiving

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Sheila Collins did a remarkable presentation on The Art of Grieving. Her work has led her to become a thought leader in how we approach this universal experience and how we can deal with it more effectively.

Sheila believes that art is a deliberate process of arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses and the emotions. To live life in an Artful way means to be fully present, giving mindful attention to each aspect of an endeavor, enlisting common folk arts to deepen, heighten, invigorate and savor each precious moment.

Tomorrow, we’ll all be celebrating Thanksgiving, the most psychologically correct holiday on our calendar. It’s all about gratitude and appreciations for our blessings and on this special day it could be fun to make it an Artful event for you and your family.

Here are some ideas to try out to make your celebration artful that Sheila shared with me:

  • Enlist others to exercise their creativity in the Art of Cooking, the Art of Flower Arranging, or the Art of Table Setting or maybe even The Art of Football Watching.
  • Structure a time when people take their turn at the Art of Story Telling, remembering something that they are especially grateful since last year.
  • Engage the Art of your Forbearers by including ancestral recipes, new versions of old favorites, and something totally unfamiliar but for which you know your (great) grandmother would have enjoyed. Honor them by mentioning their names and encouraging others to tell their favorite stories.
  • Invite some friends to your table and include them, gracing them with the gift of your traditions and family love.
  • Remember to take a few moments to reflect on the Art of Appreciation for the love and beauty in your life.

Thank you for being blessings in my life and Happy Thanksgiving.

© Richard Citrin, All rights reserved, 2017


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