That Gene Kelly Moment

My friend Susan and her husband, Robert have taken to bicycling around the globe. She recently told me about their trip to the Dolomite Mountains in Italy and how their most challenging day became the most memorable.

Riding their bikes to a train station to head over to their next destination, a light drizzle soon became a persistent rain. Riding with their fellow travelers, they began to fall behind in their schedule and by the time they reached the station, they had

missed their train. Recognizing they had few choices, they all hopped back on their bikes and rode another 7 km to meet up with another train at a different station.

As the rain continued, they pulled out shower caps from their saddlebags and placed them over their helmets to help keep their heads dry. That action, no doubt, began to change their thinking about their rainy bike ride helping them embrace the moment and seeing that this little bit of rainy adversity was a gift making their trip more than memorable. It was a Gene Kelly moment where they weren’t singing in the rain but riding in the rain.

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