Ten Routines To Improve Management

  • Meandering meetings where nothing seems to be getting done.
  • When you don’t say no when others ask you for help.
  • Open door policies that leave you reacting to interruptions.
  • Not delegating effectively.
  • Only dealing with putting out fires in your workplace and not getting into more important strategic planning.
  • Not feeling organized or having too much clutter to find what you need when you need it.
  • Not having enough time to recuperate between meetings or events.
  • Trying to multitask with too many things and not setting priorities appropriately.
  • Personal surfing. Everyone checks on personal emails or surfs the web for some items or just to check their Facebook page. Make sure you build your personal surf time in at the right time.
  • Not knowing how to set limits on your day so that when you are ready to finish you finish, get home, and enjoy your family.
  • Pick a couple of these areas out and try creating an automation, a ritual, or a routine to improve your management. I think you will find that your energy and your resilience becomes a lot stronger.]]>

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