Sometimes the Answer is "No"

We may hear “no” many times. It may be in response to a request for a salary increase or in a negotiation on a contract critical to your business. Our teenage children will certainly say no and sometimes in the face of a health crisis, the doctor’s response may suggest that there is nothing that can be done about an illness.

While our resilience approach would suggest that we can always carry on and find a path to overcome the challenge, sometimes the best path can also be acceptance that we cannot control or make things work the way we want them to in all situations.

Acceptance is a unique art form as it means letting go of what we want and allowing something else to come to pass. Acceptance has the advantage of putting ourselves back in control by allowing us to decide a new priority. As a result we determine where we put our valuable energy so that it is not spent being wasted on something that won’t happen.

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