Our 21 Day Hack or 6 Week Resilience Experience combines the science of Resilience, Experiences and Neuroscience to supercharge your life and organization.

Resilience is the antidote to stress, but it is hard to overcome the biological impact that stress holds on our bodies. But, hold on! Did you know that the body has a powerful counter response to stress and that is to be resilient?

Our mobile platform gives you and your work team the tools to put your resilience resources to work immediately so that you can overcome adversities and challenges with ease.

Our cloud-based mobile framework gives individuals and teams the skills they need in an easy to access, totally secure, and fun experience.

The program is delivered to your phone and engages the participant in a 90-120 second micro-learning experiences where they incrementally master how to overcome stress by strengthening resilience.

Micro-learning experiences are focused interactions delivered in-context, by text message or email. Each is conversational and interactive, utilizing text, images, gifs, and videos to combine into a multi-media experience. We also confidentially ask you a variety of questions that help you see your progress and remind you of the skills you are building. We start off with an assessment.

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Participant’s received a SMS or email that directs them to a cloud-based micro experience­ that engages them for 90-120 seconds and are composed of a variety of experiences based on the Resilience Model of Preparation, Navigation or Bounce Back/Bounce Forward.

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The Resilience Advantage Digital Program

  • Improve business responsiveness and
  • Learn new ways to deal with adversity at work
  • Develop skills in communicating needs in challenging times
  • Create stronger teams

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Imagine what will happen when your team is better able to manage their personal and work-related stress at work. 90 seconds a day for a total of 34 minutes over 21 days or 6 weeks is all it will take for them to be mentally and emotionally stronger.

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We have two solutions for you to consider in your quest to build resilience and overcome your stress.

The 21-Day Resilience Advantage Challenge: In this program you receive a daily dose of resilience delivered to your cellphone at some time during the day. It only takes you a couple of minutes to go through that experience and you’ll pick up a new idea that you can use that day!

Our 6-week Resilience Advantage Experience: Spaced out over 3 days/week, you’ll have a bit more time to implement the ideas that you’ll interact with in your 2-minute program. Spacing the program out over 6-weeks helps you build a bit more consistency and extends the learning out so that you take in smaller chunks of resilience during the week.

Both are filled with the same amazing information which goes beyond what was originally offered in the book as our knowledge and ideas about resilience have grown as a result of sharing our work with thousands of people.


  • Individual: $19.95 for either program
  • For Group Pricing Contact Richard
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Most organizations recognize the deleterious effect that that stress plays in their workplace and know they can no longer ignore it.

I see client companies adding Resilience to their list of leadership standards and have set expectations that managers need to be sensitive and aware of the risks of high stress workplaces.

Workplaces that have people committing suicide or abusing opioids or just being angry with one another are not places that produce great workplace outcomes.

Instead you need an approach that builds the skills of resilience and The Resilience Advantage can do that for your organization

  • Personal: The Resilience Advantage helps create a new and effective mindset to employees in how to approach their workplace challenges. No more whining or complaining but instead a renewed approach for taking personal responsibility for how they deal with stress
  • Team: The Resilience Advantage helps teams use resilience concepts such as workload management to improve project outcome. No longer will you teams be fumbling on how to get their projects done
  • Organizational: Resilience models are already in place in your company for things like IT Security and Supply Chain backup…but not for your people. We can help you create a competency-based program to help your organization deal with the challenges of workplace stress

Here are 3 Ways To Help Your Company Build A Resilient Workplace

  • Workshops: From a 30-minute lunch and learn to a half or full day workshop, your team will gain the skills of resilience and will have actionable steps they can take for themselves and their teams to improve their performance.
  • Presentations: Richard will come to your organization and will keynote a program on resilience that will turn your people’s ideas about stress and how they deal with it on its head. They will no longer walk around saying how “stressed they are” but instead will be bragging out about their resilience.
  • Video Series: I completed a six session video series that walks people through the ideas and skills associated with the Resilience Advantage. Your employees  can download and view the program at their convenience.
  • Consultation: Working in conjunction with the leadership team, we will meet to discuss the impact that stress and mental health issues are playing in your organization. We will review your health plan benefits, EAP services and leadership expectations and will recommend and walk you through a revision of your program that will make your workplace healthier and more productive.
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