Strategy Development at the Speed of Change

The world is moving too fast for you to create strategic plans that try to predict and control the world 2 or 3 years out.

Today’s strategic plans need to be nimble, flexible and immediately implementable.

And your team needs to not just plan a strategy but they need to understand how to think strategy

Your team needs to think strategy. They need Sentient Strategy®

Sentient Strategy® will help your team

  1. Establish a plan that addresses growth, change, disruption, and manage risk
  2. Hold people accountable for putting key strategic changes in place
  3. Develops critical strategic thinking capabilities that go well beyond just creating a plan
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What is Sentient Strategy®?

Sentient Strategy® was developed by Alan Weiss, who has written over 60 books and has helped Fortune 100 companies develop and implement their successful strategy. This approach engages a flexible design rather than a fixed approach meaning that it is customized for your business rather than asking your business to respond to a strict strategic model.

Is there an ideal size firm that benefits the most from Sentient Strategy®

Sentient Strategy is best suited to organizations with revenues of between $10 million and $250 million. It works equally well for profit-driven businesses of all kinds, as well as non-profits, and governmental entities that are ready to drive rapid strategic change.

How does Sentient Strategy® work?

In a one-day session we will

  1. Determine the level of understanding that your team truly has about their “Strategic True North.”
  2. Identify the key success factors that are impeding or can propel your business to your best future state
  3. Key on the 2-3 pivotal elements that will yield the greatest return on effort.
  4. Put your plan to the “Litmus Test” to see if it is ready for today’s rapidly changing workplace
  5. Create a plan that identifies actions and assigns accountabilities to ensure progress is made and maintained

How is Sentient Strategy® different from other approaches?

Unlike traditional approaches Sentient Strategy directs your team’s attention to two key elements:

  • Awareness of the business environment in which you are operating
  • How decisions are made and the level of conscious recognition that each of your leaders have about those decisions.

Perhaps most importantly, with Sentient Strategy®, your leaders begin to think strategically which is much more important than just having a strategic plan!

The table below highlights some of the key differences between how strategic thinking use to be done and how it will be done in the future.

Old World Strategic Thinking (e.g. SWOT Analysis)New World Strategic Thinking (e.g. Sentient Strategy®)
  • Establishes time frames irrelevant to reality
  • Establishes too many goals that can’t be accomplished
  • Does not hold people accountable
  • Pretends to be objective
  • Does not instill the competency of strategic thinking among the leaders
  • Needs to be formulated quickly and simply
  • Needs to be agile and flexible
  • Needs to be put into play quickly so that it can be tested and modified and redone
  • Needs to serve as a daily reminder of what needs to be done
  • Needs to demand that leaders are focused on their awareness and actions

What to do next?

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