1. Consultation for Non-Profits

Non-profits face unique challenges and we’ve been working with non-profits to transform their operations into practices that are addressing client and cost demands

Our services for non-profits include:

  1. Strategy Driven Leadership Development: How well is your organization prepared for developing and growing leadership. Without strong leaders, organizations are not able to fulfill their mission.
  2. Employee Engagement and Culture Assessment Change Management: Our work goes beyond asking whether employees are engaged to address the issue of how well your culture is working to meet the demands of your organizational mission. We then go on to support these changes and don’t just point them out
  3. The Board of the Future: Are you getting the most out of your Board of Directors. Probably not and our Board assessment and BOTF program walks leadership and your non-profit Board to maximize their capabilities to meet the organizational challenge.
  4. The Resilience Advantage: Working in non-profits is tough work and your front-line employees need support to recover effectively from the challenges of their work. Whether it is a one hour presentation or half day workshop, your team will be enlivened and have new strategies to support themselves and their clients.
  5. Leadership Coaching: We work with your teams or individuals to improve their leadership skills and to develop the kinds of competencies needed to meet their job responsibilities and more.
  6. Strategic Planning: Non-profits are rethinking how they are planning as time frames become compressed due to funding challenges, regulatory changes and client expectations. Our Compression PlanningÓ  process creates a rapid turnaround in how you plan and implement your program
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Employee and Cultural Assessment and Change

Most organizations conduct some kind of employee engagement survey testing their waters to see how employees feel about their workplace.  This effort winds up tiptoeing around the bigger issue of how “functional” our organization in is getting work done.

And for that you need a culture assessment.  Culture is a business opportunity for you to fine tune your company for high performance and ensures that everyone is aligned and moving in the same direction.

We use the Denison Culture Assessment, which is normed across organizations nationally and globally and which presents an understandable and actionable approach to strengthening the norms and expectations in your organization.

Some things to keep in mind about culture:

  • Culture is real and is visible when people have discretionary time. Culture is the collective shared belief of the organization
  • Culture is measurable and you can act on it
  • Contrary to what is often attributed to Peter Drucker, culture does not eat strategy for breakfast but it will support or slow down your strategic efforts.
  • If you don’t do something about your culture, your culture will do some things to your business.

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Building Team Effectiveness

Building a high-performance team involves more than just randomly assembling a group of talented individuals. For a team to be truly effective, its members must agree on a common goal and work together to bring that goal to life.  

Most importantly they must possess the skills of team effectiveness that will help them achieve that goal. In most cases, we assume that people know how to be on a team but unless they were in the marching band in HS, played on a sports team together or were in the military, it is very possible that they do not know How to behave when they are working on a team.  It is more than just sharing objectives or be “committed to the team.” People must possess the skills of team and teamwork.

Here are five key skills that people need to have to be successful on a team.

Understand the mission or “Thrust”: What is this team about and what are we working to accomplish. Thrust is not just about understanding the objectives but it is also about putting them into action.

Confidence in working with each other or “Trust”: Believing in each other is not easily accomplished. People build trust by what we say and what they do with the latter being much more important. Identifying the skills of trust is critical for building an effective team.

Getting the right people on board or “Talent”: If the right people are not on the team, everyone knows it and the energy drains faster than the air out of a punctured balloon. Good team members are willing to support each other, but not carry one another and we want to make sure that the necessary skills are on board.

Working together or “Teaming”: The behaviors of teams include things like how we make decisions and how we resolve conflict. Learn these and the other skills and you are pretty well assured that you can get the job done

Getting it done or “Task”: All the proceeding work doesn’t matter if the job does not get done and done properly. Focus, measurement, meeting timelines all drive team success and ensure that they work in a coordinated fashion for the good of the organization.

We use these ideas which are part of the Korn-Ferry Team Effectiveness Model and help teams to develop the skills, not just the understandings to drive business success.

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Organizational Facilitation

Facilitation That Promotes Honest Conversation
As a leader, you know that you cannot do it by yourself and that you must move your team to action to accomplish the goals of your organization.

Moving with speed and efficiency is essential in today’s marketplace and in order to do that you have to make sure that everyone is:

  • On the same page and aligned in terms of mission, vision and purpose.
  • Are able to communicate effectively and understand the language of your organization.
  • Are able to solve complex problems effectively.
  • Can set up projects and move to win from day one.
  • Understand and can function as a team.

Richard’s years of experience in facilitation helps you in working on:

  • Strategic Visioning and Planning
  • Manager Assimilation
  • Building High Performing Teams
  • Addressing and Developing Conflict Competence
  • Creating Efficient and Effective Meetings
  • Strengthening a Virtual Team
  • Boards of the Future

Our key to success in conducting impactful facilitation is to (1) plan a design with you that is rock solid and meets your objectives (2) Engage participants before the meeting to ensure they are on board and in play with the program (3) conduct the facilitation experience ensuring that results and next steps are included and (4) provide a summary and follow-up from the program.

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