The Numbers Are Staggering… 60 million baby boomers will be retiring from leadership positions and professional roles where they hold years of institutional wisdom… Will the next generation of leaders be ready and what will be the leadership skills will they need to take over and lead your organization.

What are the challenges?

  • Understanding the 6 core areas of leadership excellence.
  • Being able to deal with the complex nature of the workplace by developing leadership agility
  • Learning the difference between the “hard skills” and the “essential skills”
  • Collaboration is essential for business success. The days of the “white knight” leader are over.
  • Every leader has a brand that serves them in how they influence their team and the organization. We make sure their brand is the best.

Our Leadership Development Program works with

  • High Potential employees who are being targeted for professional growth
  • High Professional employees who are subject matter experts and may want to make the leap to leadership
  • Mid-level managers who need to become strategic organizational thinkers as opposed to being day-to-day tactical contributors
  • Senior leaders who are not picking up the subtleties of leadership and need a helping hand to get across the finish line
  • All leaders who could become better coaches and provide leadership support to up and comers.

Our Leadership Development Program:

  • A series of cohort workshops that develop targeted leadership skills for each candidate.
  • A personalized leadership development plan for each participant.
  • Personalized 1-1 coaching for each participant where his or her professional development is reviewed and refined.
  • Periodic meetings with his or her manager to review progress and refine the development plan
  • Development of a peer support group where each leader is able to find help from his or her peers within the organization.

We Deliver Results:

Business Impact for You,

Professional Development for Your Leaders.


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