What is Organizational Culture? Organizational culture refers to the underlying beliefs, values, and assumptions held by employees and how their behavior manifests how they get work done…In other words, “its how this place operates.
After meeting with the senior team, we decided that a cultural assessment would help us determine the cultural “mood” of the company and help drive the necessary changes the organization needed to adapt. We presented our model to the leadership team which included the use of the OrgSCANTM Cultural Improvement Process. Designed by our colleagues at Echo Strategies, this assessment profiles how a company thinks, acts, organizes and grows. It is behaviorally based and prioritizes the cultural changes that are required to drive behavior adaptation and operational success. The results indicated that leadership needed to be on the same page moving away from their silo mentality to more of a “1-Focus” approach. We moved to change reporting relationships and provided leadership development training that improved skills and created. The organization’s restructuring led to more efficient and improved operational management and while unfortunately led to some more layoffs has created a more stable financial and operational management. Richard has worked with many non-profits including serving on many community boards
  • Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank
  • Leadership Pittsburgh
  • Propel Schools
  • Adelphoi
  • Community Day School
  • Penn State University
  • Telemental Health Institute
  • Allegheny Heath Choices
  • Family Resources of Western Pennsylvania
  • Women’s Center of Tarrant County
  • United Way of Allegheny County