Sniffing the Rabbit

We saw a juvenile red hawk in our neighborhood a few weeks ago and tracked his stay. I wondered if our pup, Cody, was vulnerable to his claws, but a little research indicated that the hawk would leave him alone. However, a few days later, Cody found a half-eaten rabbit in the snow and started taking a few bites before I called him out. No doubt the hawk found his meal, but I kept Cody from becoming a scavenger.

My neighbor disposed of the rabbit as her 50 lb. dalmatian would eat the rabbit in just a few bites.

Removal of the hawk’s dinner, however, has not kept Cody from returning to the scene of the crime and searching for any remains. Of course, Cody’s sense of smell is so strong that he can smell the future, but I would think that his sense of sight would tell him that the rabbit has moved on, and so should he. Regardless, he persists.

We also persist in capturing the past even when the past has moved onto the future. Doing so keeps us locked into a reality that won’t be happening and, more dangerously, reduces the energy and resilience we need to explore new adventures that await us.

A former client reached out to me for some coaching for a life transition, and since his company would not be paying, I quoted him my retail rate. He was shocked at the fee, which told me that he was not ready to invest in himself and would instead stay where he was and keep sniffing the odor of unhappiness.

Cody will be onto some new smells as Spring approaches and the earth reveals her hidden fragrances that he will soon rejoice in experiencing. There are many worlds out there for us as well to explore that will define our amazing futures.

© Richard Citrin 2022

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