Strengths-Based Workshop

Learn about whether your company is strengths-based or weakness based and how your employees can “Get Strong”

Strength-Based Workplace…How fit is your company?

  • Do your employees praise their organization?
  • Are your people aligned with and know your mission, vision and values?
  • Do people readily volunteer for projects based on what they know they can contribute to the organization
  • Do you and your staff know what they do well? And what they do not do well?
  • Are you always looking at what doesn’t work, never recognizing what is operating effectively in your organization?

Is your organization: Weakness-Based or Strengths-Based

Compare the differences

Characteristic of Companies Weakness-Based Strength-Based
Retention Retention is low because employees don’t know how to do their best and struggle to find their niche Retention is high because employees know how their skills and strengths contribute to the company’s mission
Employee Engagement Many employees may leave at exactly 5 PM and ask for time off for other events without giving back time when needed for special projects Employees know what has to get done and make sure work is done productively. When they need to leave for personal business they make themselves available at other times
Teamwork People complain or roll their eyes at every new project and wonder why someone else isn’t doing their share People break through their silos and find out how to help other team members reach the organizations goals by contributing their key skills.

Creating a Strength-Based Organization will change the way your employees think about and act at work. By focusing on what they do well, productivity will increase along with workplace satisfaction.